GB7SY Repeater soon to be on-line

I have held an amateur radio licence since July 1986, starting with, then a “B” licence and then eventually moving forward to get the full “A” licence in July 2001. 

I have had a couple of breaks in my involvement in the hobby, due to work and family over the years, but finally got back into the hobby again in 2010. My working history included involvement in digital technologies, so with advent of digital modes in our hobby I am happy to explore these and use them going forward.

At the home QTH I operate voice and data on HF and VHF bands from 80m up on HF, and VHF voice and data on 2mtr and 70 cms.The home station comprises: IC7300, IC706GMK11 and an IC9700, antennas are a Colinear for VHF/UHF, a Sandpiper MV10 6+3 for HF bands and a Wire Dipole for 4Mtrs.

Current member of Raynet, local Cambridgeshire group.

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